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About Us

We are specializing in delivering dedicated Software Solutions.
We do not offer ready-made applications. Every project is individual, every is different and every is good. We adapt dynamically to changing needs, ideas and tastes.
We believe that the know-how and procedures developed in your organization are very valuable, therefore our system adapts to you while integrating with other solutions in order to centralize the knowledge base.

Our areas of expertiese:
  • healthcare
  • worldwide trade
  • real estate
  • warehouse management
  • science
  • business intelligence
  • customer care
  • all in-house processes

Why to choose KMB

  • 01 Sky is the limit

    Our systems grow with your Business. We know that requirements change over time, and we design our systems to let them progress. More users, more ideas, more customers? This is not a problem!

  • We support you with designing your solution. We know that software is something that should help running your Business and not slowing it down. You know your Bussiness and we know how to successfully integrate IT tools into processes. Let's sit together and try to combine our knowledge. Only with hard work and ability to adapt and develop we can reach beyond our limits.

  • Every big achievement starts with a dream. With us you can bring your dreams to live. If you can think of any way software and computers could support your business, we can deliver that.

  • Technology is for you, not otherwise. Together we can make it bring you benefits and not troubles.


Our technology

We don't follow newest trends for the sake of chasing the rabbit.
We use standard, well known and developed technologies.

PHP 100%
CSS 75%


Whatever you need!


Integrate with your Business Partners, customers, legal offices

Digital documentation

Move your documentation to the cloud, alert your users about incomming letters

Process automation

Make your work more efficient by automating and digitalizing processes

Workflow design

We can work together on digitalizing and adjusting your workflow to speed up you Business